capture the world and get rewarded


Start the app and get in your car.


Place the phone next to the windshield so there is a clear view of the road.


Start accumulating points.

How It Works

PATHEARN mobile app gives its users an opportunity to accumulate points while validating geospatial location data of other vehicles as long as they are traveling. All they need is a GPS, WiFi or data connection.

In near future earned points will be available for sale or exchange for other digital currencies.

Object Recognition

The Pathearn App scans your surroundings using AI recognition software and gathers useful information.

Data Gathering

Collected data is transferred from the app to a collective database, for which you accumulate points.

Points Exchange

You can then safely exchange your earnings for different rewards through a secure blockchain system.

Current State

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Our Mission

PATHEARN empowers individuals all over the globe to monetize their surroundings by sharing the data they harvest using the power of blockchain micro-payments.

People are tired of being exploited and giving away their data for free. They want a way to own the data they collect and exchange that for a fair value. The mission of PATHEARN is to enable that exchange through a distributed, decentralized and permissionless network. PATHEARN is available to all and benefits all based on the value they provide to the ecosystem.

We are focus on creating the world’s largest distributed database of vehicle, IoT devices, people and multiple objects location data, leveraging GPS technology, wired and wireless technologies for recognition, classification and ranking of movable objects.

To unfold the full potential of such database, we are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve state-of-the-art data processing, recommendation, prediction and data analytics solutions.

Our Concept

PATHEARN is a blockchain based data ecosystem providing the necessary tools and infrastructure to any location data contributor in the world for benefitting from location data capturing, transforming data into value and easy and safe transfer of value of the generated location data.

With PATHEARN the incentive for all solution users worldwide to provide data is the immediate provisioning of rewards in PTRN tokens. With our reward algorithms it will be easy and safe to collect fair rewards for verified and proven location data content. On the other hand the value of the collected data is instantly backed in the PATHEARN ecosystem through participants that are interested in volume location data purchasers.

Our Goals


500 stationary and 25000 mobile cameras installed by the end of 2022.

Tracked Vehicles

Over 4.5bn records by the end of 2022.​


Over 90% coverage by the end of 2022.

All You Have To Do

Three easy steps

1. Start the mobile App

Download, install, start the App and register with an email.

2. Place the phone on the windshield

Place the phone next to the windshield so there is a clear view on the road.

3. Accumulate points

That's it! Start accumulating points.

Rewarding Partner

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