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PATHEARN aims to facilitate the creation of the world’s richest distributed geolocation database.

Work with us

PATHEARN enables businesses to effortlessly generate additional income while performing their usual daily routines.

In the era of information society evolution, data has emerged as the essential fuel of the 21st century. A limited number of big corporations possesses and commercializes most user data due to the web centralized design. The PATHEARN platform gives users and businesses the opportunity to earn rewards that are secure, transparent and equitably distributed to their data contributions.

Powered by AI technology, PATHEARN detects and captures all unique objects in the surrounding road environment and transfers all gathered data to a cloud database.

The Mobile Application

  • Features an intuitive UI optimized for low data usage
  • Supports split-screen and background modes depending on the OS
  • Offers an option for device screen dimming

The Desktop Application

  • Allows using an external IP camera
  • Requires no specific camera or hardware equipment
  • Sends the collected data without recording it

The number of mobile application installations and the number of registered cameras that a partner can utilize is unlimited.

If you want to learn more about this potential opportunity, get in touch with our sales department.